A new era in seamless wearables technology.

The rise of advanced artificial intelligence will fundamentally transform human-machine interaction.

In the not-so-distant future, we will speak naturally to our devices and they respond. The need for typing to execute simple daily tasks will become redundant.

Aether is an innovative design-focused company creating next-generation wearable products for this seamless digital future that will be here soon.

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Aether’s vision is to build the eyewear of the future, merging high-end design and innovative audio technology with advanced AI capabilities.

Perfectly closing the gap between fashion and technology, Aether is poised to become a leading wearables brand by creating innovative products that prioritise seamless user experience without sacrificing personal style.



Aether is more than just a concept or an idea; it's a fully operational company led by its founders, and it's positioned at the forefront of an emerging industry with a best-in-class product. With a highly developed global distribution network and a clear path to profitability, we see strong growth potential on the horizon.

Recent advancements in natural language processing and the rapid adoption of AI-powered technologies like ChatGPT, have brought voice-controlled interfaces closer than ever before. As a result, we believe there is enormous potential in this uncontested, design-led hardware space, and we see Aether as an ideal acquisition target for big tech companies such as Google or Microsoft.

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High growth

Premium brand appeal with top-tier developed distribution channels spanning 8 countries and counting.

Impressive demand

Aether is at the intersection of two growing markets valued at over $200B. Global sales of open-ear audio wearables are projected to reach $10B by 2027.

Patented technology

From ultra-slim structural designs to upcoming integrated eSIM technology, Aether creates the industry’s most streamlined frames.


“Aether bridges the gap between fashion and technology better than any other brand on the market.” - WIRED

“If you want to listen discreetly, without losing the sound of the sea or the noises of a forest, for example, then Aether is exactly what you need.” - Wallpaper*

“Super impressed with Aether's design. From the packaging to the charging box, to the glasses themselves. Feels futuristic. Fits well. Looks beautiful.” - Minimalissimo

The interface of a new era requires the perfect hardware companion.

With the arrival of voice-controlled aural interfaces powered by AI, we will be able to communicate with our devices using natural conversational language, making technology more intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Eyewear is the most naturally aligned hardware platform for these new interfaces, offering an always-on and unobtrusive experience that integrates seamlessly into our daily routines.

Aether’s near-future product vision.

Aether's upcoming 3rd generation eyewear, currently in preliminary prototyping and scheduled for release in 2025, features a super lightweight titanium frame to maximise all-day wear comfort.

With over 12 hours of extended playtime, eSIM, and advanced speaker technology that minimises sound leakage, these glasses are the perfect wearable device for AI-powered aural interfaces.

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The investment opportunity

Invest in AETHER

Join Aether's Pre-Series A round starting from USD 25'000 together with Moonshot and other private investors.

Tap into a next-generation listening experience.

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Issued by MISP AG
USD 25'000 minimum

* This offer is only accessible for professional investors and is an advertisement for financial instruments. The historical performance of any strategy or portfolio is no guarantee of the current and future performance. The value of the portfolio may rise or fall at any time. In general, we advise you to seek advice from a tax and investment professional prior to investing. The published information does not constitute a solicitation, an offer, or a recommendation.

Projected Returns Calculator

Positive Scenario
Aether Eyewear (via Tracker Certificate) - Positive ScenarioAether Eyewear (via Tracker Certificate) - Average ScenarioAether Eyewear (via Tracker Certificate) - Negative Scenario
5 years
5 years6 years7 years

Shares vs. Bonds

What's the difference between bonds (fixed income) and shares (equity)?

Instrument: Structured Product (Tracker Certificate) Bond (subordinated unsecured)
Issuer: MISP AG, Switzerland HFWM AG, Switzerland
Expected return: 11.25–15.54x n/a
Coupon rate: n/a 9.25% p.a.
Minimum investment: USD 25'000 CHF 25'000
Investment horizon: 5–7 years n/a
Maturity: n/a On 30 June 2026
Coupon payments: n/a Monthly
Lockup period: 5 years n/a
Secondary market: Yes, after lockup No
Administration fee: 0.25% p.a. (charged 
by the issuer) No
Setup fee: 2% (one-off fee charged upfront) No
Performance fee: 20% above hurdle rate of 8% p.a. * n/a
Withholding tax: No 35%

* Moonshot will only receive its performance fee once the minimum return of 8% p.a. has been generated for the investor.

Investment DOCUMENTS

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Review our data room to form a well-informed opinion about Aether.


Projected Return as a % of Initial Investment

Hypothetical Investment

USD 25,000

Total Returned

USD 1,540,000

Closing -USD 25,000
Year 1 USD 77,500
Year 2 USD 77,500
Year 3 USD 77,500
Year 4 USD 77,500
Year 5, Exit USD 388,500
Capital Funding
ROI per year
* Distributable Cash Flow percentages shown in the above graph are calculated as a percentage of total equity invested. These numbers differ from the projected annualized net cash yield in the underwriting because net cash yield is calculated based on the remaining equity in the transaction.

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