Where diverse minds gather,
great ideas bloom.

Moonshot Circle is an expression of this, a salon for creators and explorers to meet, connect, and relax in good company and exceptional comfort.

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The sense of union

A conversation with Gopi Kallayil, Chief Business Strategist AI at Google, about "The happy human."


Lift-off & networking event

Learn how we democratize the world's most lucrative asset class and network among our community of accredited investors.


Prof. Dr. Erich Fischer, ETH Zurich

A filmed conversation about the state of the world with a highly cited scientist, lead author of the IPCC AR6, co-lead of the WCRP, and lecturer at ETH Zurich about climate change.

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Living a better life

Judy Okten, Co-Founder and CEO of Burgeon Labs, about maximizing your energy for longevity.


The only legacy that matters is inspiring others to do great things.

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We are a portal to potential: At Moonshot, you enjoy additional perks and features you wouldn't get anywhere else.

In our world, everything happens within networks. It's the main driver of career progression, opportunity, and success.

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