A people-driven platform

Moonshot is a network of accredited investors, specialists, and entrepreneurs. Our community is managed and operated by a borderless, multi-cultural, dynamic team of international, colorful, and flexible talents working remotely in deal origination, advising, community management, and distribution.

Made in Switzerland

Using a 21st-century model based on decentralization, flexibility, and cross-collaborations, Moonshot is wielding today's tools to reduce costs and overhead, work smarter and faster, and push the envelope. Our zip code is Swiss, but we work anywhere and everywhere to democratize access to private markets.

Fabian Coray

Director Investor Relations, Board Member

Roger Kretz

Director Brokerage & Partner

Leticia Bordoni

Head of Operations, Board Member

Yaro Nichiporets

Head of Marketing

Jean François Tanda

Media & Communications

Alessandro Decarli

Investor Relations & Events

Vasilii Ponomaryov

CTO & Automation Specialist

Nicola Neuer

Customer Support Specialist

Maarten De Laet

Committee Member & Investor

Veronika Döring


Lisa Sirosh

Marketing Manager

Pius Weber


Liuba Hryb

Head of Distribution

Adrian Giger


Christophe Persyn


Luca Fernandes

Board Member

Silvan Bieri


Mila Patramanska

Marketing Manager

Lior Ronen

Due Diligence & Compliance

Chris Gunstone

Head of Membership & Community

Michele Schüeli

Partner & Deal Origination

Norbert Döring


Nadia Harazha

Customer Support Specialist

Joel Bordes


Charles Fleury

Investor Relations

Gil Bovay

Board Member & Investor

Alexander Hübner

Partner & Board Member

Gianmarco Gomato

Investor Relations

Vitalii Leshckenko

Head of Data Management

Valerii Artemenko

Data Management

Dmytro Sova

IT Manager

Dominic Largo

President of the board & investor

Hashim M AlAwami

Partner GCC Countries

Nils Stueben

Investor Relations

Dora Horvath

Marketing & Events

Axel Cavin

Investor Relations

Jörg Fahnenstich

Brokerage Network

Larissa Häberli

Event Manager

Giorgi Kupunia

IT & Automations

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