A people-driven platform

Moonshot understands itself as a network of investors, specialists, and partners, combining talents from all walks of life to create a diversified, multidisciplinary team that engages in the fields of deal origination, advising, community management, and distribution.

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Luca Fernandes

Director & Board Member

Roger Kretz

Director Brokerage & Partner

Alejandra Abad

Director Business Development

Yaro Nichiporets

Chief Marketing Director

Lisa Sirosh

Marketing Manager

Alessandro del Bubba

Investor Relations

Vasilii Ponomaryov

CTO & Automation Specialist

Dominic Largo

President of the board & investor

Maarten De Laet

Advisor & Investor

Veronika Döring


Anna Maraev

Investor Relations

Pius Weber


Liubov Hryb

Head of Sales Administration

Adrian Giger


Christophe Persyn


Henry Fallegger

Partner & Board Member

Silvan Bieri


Mila Patramanska

Marketing Manager

Norbert Döring


Dmytro Sova

IT Manager

Joel Bordes

Real Estate & Financial Modelling

Vitalii Leshchenko

Head of Data Management

Gil Bovay

Board Member & Investor

Alexander Hübner

Partner & Board Member

Lior Ronen

Due Diligence & Compliance

Valerii Artemenko

Head of Business Automation

Michele Schüeli

Partner & Deal Origination

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