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Regulated in Switzerland

We have spent tremendous effort to find the perfect structures to keep Moonshot affordable and lean for our members.

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Due diligence

We source, review, and structure outstanding investment opportunities for our members.

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Issued in Switzerland, trusted globally.

We have established our issuer for structured products in Switzerland and are regulated by Swiss law.

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Lean and clean.

Our structures are kept exceptionally lean, enabling us to keep overhead costs low to the benefit of a more attractive return.

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Benefits of Swiss regulations

Moonshot is a member-driven investor network, not a traditional financial service provider like a bank or wealth manager. Many of our employees and partners are also investors and ambassadors.

We have broken down the huge ticket sizes to democratize access to private markets. Our members have sparked the Moonshot journey; community is everywhere in our DNA. We have jointly set up Moonshot through the eyes of the member, which has enabled us to better understand what truly matters.

Highly efficient, reliable and developed legal system

Switzerland has repeatedly been called the best country to do business in. The Swiss economy has been recognized for its competitiveness. The country is usually ranked in the top three in the World Competitiveness Ranking by IMD business school. It has the world's most advanced democracy and one of the world's most efficient legal systems. Many global companies have their headquarters in Switzerland and choose it for its reliability, privacy, and safety.

Our investors have legal certainty and are not exposed to risks of offshore jurisdiction

In case of a dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Switzerland and not an offshore location like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Cyprus, Guernsey or Malta, etc. Switzerland offers a highly efficient and reliable legal system and one of the highest legal certainty for investors worldwide. Where would you rather litigate in a dispute: Switzerland or the Bahamas?


Investing with a Swiss issuer also ensures a high level of privacy. Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees your right to privacy. Since 1993, the Federal Act on Data Protection and security has prohibited personal data processing without the data subjects' explicit authorization.

Zero tax on capital gains

Private capital gains on movable assets (e.g., shares or structured products) are tax-free throughout Switzerland.

The most frequent questions regarding our structure:

  • Who is Moonshot?

    Moonshot is a brand owned by HFWM AG, which also operates the website and acts as a broker and payment collector to transfer (forward) capital from and to the investor. By subscribing (buying) our securities, the investor mandates HFWM AG to collect and forward payments. HFWM AG, therefore, is also a so-called "debt collector."

  • What do I buy?

    In most cases, investors buy a structured product via our platform. A structured product might be a tracker or actively managed certificate (AMC) provided by our issuer, "MISP AG," which stands for Moonshot Issuer for Structured Products. MISP AG is based in Zug and regulated by Swiss law. In other cases, Moonshot (HFWM AG) acts as a broker for bonds or shares from other issuers.

  • Buying securities from Moonshot

    Investors deciding to buy securities through Moonshot will get the payment instructions from HFWM AG, which acts as a payment collector for the issuer (collecting and forwarding capital from the investor) and for the investor (collecting and forwarding interests, sales proceeds to the investor). HFWM AG is obliged by law to forward the payments no later than 60 days after receiving them to the issuer or the investor. HFMW AG forwards the funds within 1-3 business days.

  • Where do my funds go?

    The investor's capital is transferred to a Swiss bank account owned by HFWM AG and then transferred to the issuer's bank account, e.g., MISP AG, which in turn buys the underlying (e.g., private equities) with the capital and issues the certificate. In the case of bonds or shares, the funds will be transferred according to the share purchase agreement or subscription form.

  • Why can't I pay the issuer directly?

    We have centralized the payment collection and automated the accounting process to reduce overhead costs. Sending the direct payment instructions of each issuer would make confirmations, interest payments, and controlling more complex and unnecessarily increase accounting and administrative fees.

  • Who holds my funds?

    During the payment collection process, HFWM AG holds the investor's funds until they have been forwarded to the issuer (within 1-3 business days).

  • Who holds the securities I am investing in?

    In most cases, MISP AG is holding the underlying, which is tracked. In the case of bonds or shares, the investor holds the securities directly.

  • Why is MISP AG a separate legal entity?

    By law, the issuance of structured products has to be done by a separate legal entity, a so-called "Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)." This is to be separated from Moonshot's operational risks.

  • How is Moonshot regulated?

    Moonshot, respectively HFWM AG, and/or MISP AG are both regulated by Swiss law. The issuance of structured products is not subject to FINMA supervision. Therefore, no "license" or supervision can be obtained as it is neither applicable nor available.


We are happy to answer all your questions regarding regulations, compliance, and governance of our structures via e-mail.

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