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Enter a global community of like-minded individuals, jointly investing in a better future where prosperity is flourishing and sorrow is abated.

Have inspiring conversations that change the world

At Moonshot, we believe that personal relationships are the enabler for almost anything.

Meet our extraordinary network

Every year we host exclusive flagship events at stunning locations.

Get invited to one of the fastest-growing networks of investors, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and like-minded people from all walks of life.

We believe that where diverse minds gather, great ideas bloom.

Moonshot Circle is an expression of this, a salon for creators and explorers to meet, connect and relax in good company and exceptional comfort.

To keep our community vivid, we host networking events regularly. While others stay in boring venues, we follow a different approach and select stunning setting backdrops.

Your network is your net worth

Adding pages to your address book and learning from top-tier investors, entrepreneurs, and inspiring individuals is an enabler for almost everything. We call this "networthing".

As a moonshot circle member, you will enjoy premium membership perks from the companies and products we’ve invested in, like Piëch Automotive.

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