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Private Equity

Private equity is the world's highest-performing asset class, and with Moonshot, you finally get access to it.

Real Estate

Today, traditional real estate yields minimal returns. Our focus is on high-return, operational and tech-enabled properties.

Fixed Income

Earn a steady monthly income with private credit issued by reliable companies with a long-lasting track record.

Tangibles &

Coming soon: Invest in blue-chip art, rare watches, classic cars, and more.


Today, everything happens within networks. Form game-changing connections within a global community of accredited investors.


Access independent research, insights, and know-how from experienced investors within our network.


Get services and benefits you'd expect from a top-tier private bank or family office.

Invest in blue-chip private equity and venture deals before the general public has access.


The first all-in-one access to private markets on a monthly subscription. A versatile, multi-stage rocket for diversified alternative investing.

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Meet, connect and relax in good company and exceptional comfort.

The sense of union

A conversation with Gopi Kallayil, Chief Business Strategist AI at Google, about "The happy human."


Lift-off & networking event

Zurich, 3rd of May: Learn how we democratize the world's most lucrative asset class and network among our community of accredited investors.


Living a better life

Judy Okten, Co-Founder and CEO of Burgeon Labs, about maximizing your energy for longevity.


Prof. Dr. Robert Riener, ETH Zurich

A conversation about the state of robotics with a highly cited scientist specializing in rehabilitation robotics, sensory-motor systems, and neurorehabilitation.

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Our subscription model is out

Access private markets with our unique investment subscription, starting from small monthly payments.

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Summer-end event on Mykonos

On Mykonos, we celebrated new, thoughtful luxury with our portfolio brand Amēa and listened to inspiring talks with our members Martina and Karen.

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Where diverse minds gather, great ideas bloom. Moonshot Circle is an expression of this, a salon for creators and explorers.

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S&P 500 vs Private Equity¹

The highest risk-adjusted returns are in private markets. Private equity, for example, has significantly outperformed public markets for over 20 years. Adding private equity to your portfolio can enhance returns while minimizing risk.


1. The chart shows the net growth of a USD 1 hypothetical initial investment in the referenced indices on January 1, 2000. Sources: Cambridge Associates LLC, Yahoo Finance; Click for details.

Learn from the collective intelligence of experienced investors and accomplished entrepreneurs.

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Together, we democratize elite assets like private equity, fixed income, private real estate, and tangible assets like blue-chip art, rare watches, or classic cars that otherwise would be inaccessible to individuals.

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We are a syndicate of accredited private equity investors.
Our network is managed by a borderless, multi-cultural, dynamic team of international, colorful, and flexible talents and members working together to advance humanity.

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Invite your network to discover our exclusive private market investments, such as Synhelion or SpaceX, and earn lucrative rewards. If you share Moonshot as a logged-in user, you automatically make 2% (and up to 5% with our ambassador program) on your referral's first investment.

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