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Private equity offers the most lucrative returns for over 20 years.

Moonshot is a globally active network of accredited investors, including visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, specialists, and like-minded individuals or institutions that join forces to access opportunities in private markets, foster networking and self-growth, curate knowledge, and enjoy unique privileges.


Private capital outperforms public markets

S&P 500 vs Private Equity¹

1. The chart shows the net growth of a USD 1 hypothetical initial investment in the referenced indices on January 1, 2000. Sources: Cambridge Associates LLC, Yahoo Finance; Click for details.






A conversation about the state of the world with Prof. Dr. Erich Fischer, ETH Zurich

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We have talked to Erich, a highly cited scientist, and lecturer at ETH Zurich, about climate change. He acts as a lead author in the IPCC AR6 and is a co-lead of the WCRP Grand Challenges on Weather and Climate Extremes.
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Why are private markets outperforming their public counterparts?

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Our members get instant access to private equity, private debt, venture capital, private real estate, and pre-IPO deals structured and issued in Switzerland, starting from only CHF 10'000.

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Access the highest risk-adjusted returns.

Invest deal by deal or in one of our curated portfolios in private equity, venture capital, private debt, private real estate, pre-IPO deals, or tangible assets such as blue-chip art, classic cars, and collectibles.


Private Capital
Less Volatile
More Volatile
Lower Returns
Higher Returns


The performance of private capital is not closely correlated with public stocks, bonds, or funds.

Capital Preservation

Private assets, when properly structured and managed, are great to preserve capital.

Cash Flow

Private assets can generate stable and predictable cash flows.

Invest from CHF 25'000

SpaceX by Elon Musk

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Invest alongside Elon Musk and leading VCs. SpaceX is one of the most valuable private companies worldwide.
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Invest from CHF 25'000

Piëch Automotive

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Invest alongside Toni Piëch, Peter Thiel, UBS, and leading VCs in the next-generation luxury electric car company, Piëch Automotive.
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Invest from CHF 25'000

Chat GPT by OpenAI

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OpenAI is revolutionizing the way we interact with artificial intelligence. Invest in the leader of the generative AI technology race
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Portfolio from CHF 10'000

Mother Cleantech Portfolio

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We are at the tipping point of humanity's most existential threat: climate change. Invest in private climate-tech companies solving the climate crisis.
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Portfolio from CHF 10'000

Tech-enabled real estate

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Unleash the true potential of real estate assets and invest in the entire value-creation cycle of the new class of tech-enabled real estate.

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Portfolio from CHF 10'000

Blockchain & Web 3.0

Invest in our pick-and-shovel strategy and get access to private companies supplying the most impactful technology since the invention of the internet.
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Portfolio from CHF 10'000

Private Equity Portfolio

Access funds from KKR, Blackstone, Tiger Global, Apollo Global, Carlyle, and more with one single product.
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Portfolio from CHF 10'000

Fixed income portfolio

Plannable, fixed income of 4.20% p.a. paid out monthly with the flexibility of a savings account.
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Beyond investing

Expand your network among like-minded investors and entrepreneurs

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Experience private networking events in spectacular settings. Form new relationships, meet exciting and like-minded people, and benefit from their experience and knowledge.


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Next MEMBERS ONly event

Fullmoon Summer-end event on Mykonos from 23 September until 02 October 2023

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Access SWARM Intelligence

Learn from like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, executives, leading scientists, and HNWIs, and access our knowledge center.

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Investor privileges

Members unlock exclusive privileges from companies we have invested in and from sponsoring partners.

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Want to bring the power of our investment products to your clients or your network?

Moonshot offers a turnkey solution for offering private market investments to your clients or your network with low minimum investment sizes with a fully vetted, FIDLEG compliant solution.


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What if you require unexpected liquidity?


Traditional private market investments typically target a 10-15-year hold, but with Moonshot's investor network, you have the potential to exit sooner.


*Liquidity is not guaranteed or provided and is subject to our standards (according to best effort).


Financials are published every quarter, semester, or year. Buy new shares or find a buyer for yours within our community.


Find a new buyer for your shares within our network, should you require unexpected liquidity. Moonshot acts as a "match-maker" via the in-house "Bulletin Board”.


Know what’s going on before everyone else does. We will keep you informed and provide you with useful information and analysis.

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"A bright future is just around the corner." - Entrepreneur.com

"Handelszeitung" quotes Moonshot's research paper

"Moonshot from Zurich enables investment in individual privately held companies from an investment sum of CHF 10,000." - Finanz & Wirtschaft


To ensure a high-quality investor community, all applicants are verified by us and must meet our qualification criteria. The membership is free of charge for active investors.


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