A fifth (20%) of investors’ current portfolios are weighted more towards alternative investments than traditional assets, with 23% saying alternative investments will form a key part of their financial strategy in the coming 12 months.

The study also revealed a growing link between alternative investing and investors’ personal interests. Three in 10 (30%) respondents say alternative asset classes present an opportunity to invest in more specialised fields that they are more passionate about and know better.

Real estate is the most common alternative investment among UK investors – 17% hold real estate investments at present, with a further 19% considering investment into this asset over the next year. Cryptocurrencies and collectibles were joint second on the list of the most popular alternative investments (both had backing from 14% of investors).

Elsewhere, NexGen Cloud’s research found that 8% of UK investors have invested in cloud computing infrastructure or data mining, with 18% considering this sector as an area for investment in the year ahead.

Chris Starkey, founder and director, NexGen Cloud, says:

“Over the past 18 months, the financial markets have been subject to intense volatility, which combined with record low interest rates, is evidently leading investors to diversify into new areas beyond mainstream assets.

Clearly, some investors are seeking ways of making their money work harder in the current climate. However, it also interesting to note that investors are also choosing to diversify into asset classes that they feel a greater connection to, which is a positive side of alternative investments that is often overlooked.

Investors have never had so much choice of how and where to invest their money. Our research shows that many are now embracing the possibilities by finding investments within their areas of expertise or industries they are passionate about.”


Source: WealthAdviser

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