What if you require unexpected liquidity?


Should an investor require earlier liquidity, he can express interest to sell his securities issued by the respective company investing in the selected product to other investors from the Moonshot Circle.

In such case the investor’s interest to sell will be notified to other investors from the Moonshot Circle on a bulletin board on the Moonshot platform, either within the frame of purchase rights under a common shareholders agreement or otherwise pursuant to the applicable terms.

However, liquidity is not provided or guaranteed; matching between seller and purchaser and the actual sale and purchase transaction are made between seller and purchaser directly without the involvement of Moonshot or the company investing in the respective company.


Financials are published every quarter, semester, or year. Buy new shares or find a buyer for yours within our community.


We can quickly find a new buyer for your shares, should you require unexpected liquidity. Moonshot acts as a "match-maker" via the in-house "Bulletin Board”.


Know what’s going on before everyone else does. We keep you posted, as much as you like. We will keep you informed and provide you with useful information and analysis.

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