Why private markets?

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Private equity is the best-performing asset class.

Adding private investments to your portfolio enhances your returns while minimizing risk.

Dominated by big players

Only 5% of individual investors have private assets in their portfolio, but 99% of all companies are in private hands, often owned by large institutional investors.

But why?

Capital requirements

Investment minimums in private equity funds can be as high as 20 million per ticket.

Difficult to access

Accessing private opportunities requires strong relationships, know-how, and dedicated management. Making them simply out of reach for most individual investors.

Until now.

We are a global community democratizing access and collectively investing in highly lucrative private opportunities.

Members can access opportunities from only CHF 10'000 one-off or CHF 500 per month.

Unlike banks or wealth managers, our network is formed for and around our members and driven by exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, and like-minded people.

Enter Moonshot

Your access to private equity, private debt, private real estate, and pre-IPOs.

Besides investing, members access unique benefits, social networking events, and education about private markets and investing.

Discover the power of joining a global community of like-minded investors.

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Share Moonshot and earn 2% reward

Invite your network to discover our exclusive private market investments, such as Synhelion or SpaceX, and earn lucrative rewards. If you share Moonshot as a logged-in user, you automatically make 2% (and up to 5% with our ambassador program) on your referral's first investment.

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