We have ditched stodgy working methods and hacked the old-school way of running a company.

Moonshot is managed and operated by a borderless, multi-cultural, dynamic team of international, colorful, and flexible talents working remotely to build an investor community that truly can change the world.

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Using a 21st-century model based on decentralization, flexibility, and cross-collaborations, Moonshot is wielding today's tools to reduce costs and overhead, work smarter and faster, and push the envelope. Our zip code is Swiss, but we work anywhere and everywhere to create the future investment syndicate.

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We’re building the employee-friendliest company on the planet. Seriously.

Why? Simply because our partners and employees are talking to our customers. Their happiness, strength, and performance make us successful. We know no limit to making our team happy and successful. It’s a job you never want to leave again.

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Work from anywhere

Usually, our local team members work two days per week in the office and the rest from home or remotely, somewhere in the world. If you feel like not coming to the office, that’s ok too. The performance counts, not the work attire. We trust you.


Go places

Top-performers can relax and work while they get from A to B. Using our own driver or uber is always paid for by us.


Training like a boss

Decided to live in Hinterbüglischräzlige? No problem – we cover your public transport subscription.


Should be ok

In case of an accident or illness, you are privatly insured.


Grow with us

We help you to get the education you want and need. Get access to off-work schooling and courses.



Feel like working 40%, 60%, 80% or 92.5%? No problem, you decide. We auto-adjust the terms as you please with a very short lead time.

As a moonshot team member, you will also enjoy premium membership perks from the companies and products we’ve invested in.

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Share Moonshot and earn 2% reward

Invite your network to discover our exclusive private market investments, such as Synhelion or SpaceX, and earn lucrative rewards. If you share Moonshot as a logged-in user, you automatically make 2% (and up to 5% with our ambassador program) on your referral's first investment.

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