As a Moonshot Product Manager Legal, your role and goal are actively conceptualizing, structuring, innovating, and upgrading Moonshot Products for making a true difference in returns for investors and business partners.

Making sure our products are contractual and legally accurately structured and compliant. For our valuable clients, investors, and business partners such as brokers and affiliates. That includes when Moonshot Products are marketed, as well as when we acquire properties and turning them into profitable businesses.

Are you a team player, well-spoken, social, self-motivated, got energy, and drive?

Then you are welcome to become part of Moonshot’s incredible success story. You are the focal point, that Moonshot Products are attractively designed and standing legally on solid ground.

Moonshot Products give investors, clients, and Business Partners a trustworthy, transparent structure. To be in alignment with the Moonshot Principle that it’s a People’s Business, and building personal, meaningful relationships. As a Product Manager Legal, you are an important Backbone of Sales and Marketing for B2C and B2B.


  • Actively conceptualizing, structuring, innovating and upgrading Moonshot Products for making a true difference in returns for investors and business partners.
  • Ensuring Moonshot Products are legally, accurately structured, and in full compliance.
  • Making sure that products working for the objectives of Moonshot, its investors and business partners.
  • Implementing smart communication and responsiveness to all product inquiries.
  • Moonshot Products are legally fully transparent, and easy to understand.
  • Report and talk to MAMMA. MAMMA is the Moonshot Administration Master-Management Application. You never have to do much admin work. We manage all your tasks, track your to-do’s, and remind you in case you forget: Just like any other Mamma.
  • Enhancing product awareness and understanding.
  • Maintaining market proximity wherever Moonshot sells its products.
  • Monitoring contractual and legal performance of each Moonshot Product.
  • Monitoring legal changes in the business, property and financial markets. Making sure that Moonshot Products are legally compliant and adjusted at all times.
  • Establishing an interactive, trustworthy update line to investors and business partners, in case of upcoming changes in the business, property and financial markets.
  • Work closely with marketing, sales, growth hacking, and product teams. Being well-connected to the base where the business happens.


  • A Product Management Professional with legal background/degree.
  • Performing (preferred) in fast-paced business environments. Providing legal and contractual expertise in the investment and financial industry, as well as legal B2B contractual environment.
  • Successfully studied all Moonshot Products, its Network and legal Structure of businesses and investments.
  • Excellent communication skills and experience managing input from stakeholders, investors, business partners and internals.
  • Skills to manage multiple requests and time demands simultaneously. Including solid time and task management and prioritization skills. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
  • A positive can-do attitude and tireless work ethic.
  • You have a powerful intellect. The desire to keep learning and designing attractive products, making a difference to our investors and business partners.
  • Must live and breathe startups with broad responsibilities. Crazy busy, dynamic environment, lots of responsibility, and lots of fun. You are fluent in English and German (verbal and written).
  • You have a driver’s license.



Work from anywhere

Our local team members work 2 days per week in the office and the rest from home or remotely anywhere in the world. If you feel like not coming to the office, that’s ok too. Performance counts, not the work attire. We trust you.


Go places.

Top-performers can relax and work while they get from A to B. Using our own driver or Uber is always paid for by us.


Training like a boss.

Living in Hinterbüglischräzlige? No problem–we cover your public transport subscription.


Should be ok.

In case of an accident or illness, you are privately insured.


Grow with us

We help you get the education you need. Get access to off-work schooling and courses.



Feel like working 40%, 60%, 80% or 92.5%? No problem, you decide. We auto-adjust the terms as you please with a very short lead time.

Ready to join?

Become a Moonshot Member. Enjoy superior membership perks from the companies and products we invest in.


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