Main takeaways:

  • Moonshot is going "members-only."
  • We are launching a new way to invest in private markets: Subscription-based investing.
  • New members joining Moonshot select one of our monthly investment subscriptions or a one-off investment to activate their membership and gain full access.
  • Until 31 January 2024, we will pay for the first month of the investment subscription.
  • Invitations for the next events, e.g., our new "lift-off and networking events," are out.
  • We will announce many new features and options for members on our face-lifted website, covering networking, investment options, knowledge, and benefits.

We are going "members-only."

New year, new beginning: It's time to venture into new realms. Moonshot was born as a network for and from investors, a beacon for the curious ones, the trailblazers, and the visionary. Together, we explore the boundless potential of the human spirit, dare to do great things, and invest jointly in otherwise elite and inaccessible asset classes such as private equity, fixed income, real estate, blue-chip art, or classic cars.

Successes for our community characterized the year 2023. Not only did our early investment in the leading AI company explosively take us to new heights, but it also paved the path for Neuralink, Commonwealth Fusion, Climeworks,, Humane, and Anthropic, to name only a few new portfolio companies. Above all, they are proof that we can achieve great things together, and ultimately, that is precisely the idea behind Moonshot.

There is no greater force than a community discovering what it truly cares about.

In the new year, we will release the first stage of our rocket and ignite the second one. This will take us to new heights and open up new horizons. We dare to do something never done in private markets: Investing by subscription.

Our new subscription model will lower minimums further, giving even more accredited investors access to the highest risk-adjusted returns and allowing them to diversify their portfolios better.

In the coming years, we work effortlessly to expand our offering for our members further. From the "mothership," our physical member clubs, with co-working possibilities, numerous presentations, events, networking, and extensive schooling programs, to significant plans for our masterclass and docutainment series, which has already attracted the interest of leading streaming services. Yes, 2024 and the coming years will be exciting for our members.

However, the most significant announcement is that Moonshot will only be accessible to active investors. Existing accounts without investment history on our platform will be required to reapply and are asked to "activate" their membership with us. This is not a goodbye but rather a new beginning. Existing investors are automatically active members of our network. For those, the "update" of our business model does not require any action. As loyal members and valued investors, they are invited to be one of the first to join our new subscription model and receive the first monthly installment paid by us.

We offer four attractive baskets covering all private markets, AI, real estate, or cleantech. They start from CHF 300 or 500 per month and are available for a limited time.

Inviting your network to join forces with us until the end of January is recommended, as they also benefit from a "free" month. The subscription-based investment does not include a membership fee, as the membership itself is still free of charge until our internal threshold has been achieved.

We are excited to explore this new chapter with our members. Remember, our greatest achievements have always been born out of collaboration, individuals coming together as one with a shared vision. We look forward to having you on board for the mission ahead!

2024 is to our tribe, the tribe of pioneers and explorers. The Moonshot tribe!
We wish you the absolute best for the new year and hope to hear from you soon.

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