We are thrilled to announce that Aether Eyewear is opening a new era in seamless wearables technologies. In pursuit of tomorrow's groundbreaking standard, the next big frontier is building the future of eyewear by merging high-end design and innovative audio technology with advanced AI capabilities.

Moonshot Circle members have a remarkable opportunity to be at the forefront and bridge the gaps between sound, human-computer communication, and personal style.

As an exclusive fundraiser for Aether, we are presenting two attractive offers:

  • Bond investment yielding 9.25% a year with a coupon paid monthly, with a minimum ticket of CHF 25’000 and maturity on June 30, 2026. The bond issue is currently being prepared and available only via a waiting list.
  • Tracker certificate on Aether shares with the expected equity multiple of 11.25–15.54x, a minimum investment of USD 25’000, and 5–7 years of the investment horizon.

Why Moonshot invested in Aether

In less than two years, Aether Eyewear has entered the market from scratch, raised over USD 1’500’000, established distribution in 8 countries, sold over 5’000 units, and won 6 design awards.

The previous funding round was successfully completed, and all Aether bondholders received first-year returns. This time Moonshot is exclusively raising USD 1’500’000 to boost the brand’s performance in the emerging market.

The funds will be used to:

  • Pursue next-gen product research & development

    Aether Eyewear is creating a 3rd generation of glasses with AI integration features and a platform for voice-controlled interfaces. With the release of this cutting-edge platform, leading tech giants such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Anthropic’s Claude, will be able to create modules that people can use to communicate with AI and various applications. In other words, Aether is becoming a foundation for other companies to build on, just like the Internet turned into a platform for many servers.

    The 3rd generation of seamless eyewear will represent the perfect wearable to control your daily schedule, music player, alarm clocks, and even allow you to write emails and chat in messengers.

  • Launch new product lines

    During 2023-2025, Aether plans to launch Aether Speed, Aether Cruise, and Aether Aetheraphy App, new product lines that you can read about in the data room.

  • Expand distribution

    Within the next 5 years, Aether intends to expand to 1’000+ locations spanning high-end optical, luxury department stores, and multi-brand fashion retailers.

    By entering direct retail through Aether flagship stores, the company aims to deliver an innovative brand experience combined with prescription services. Meanwhile, expanding into adjacent platforms will reduce reliance on 3rd party retailers.

Are you as excited as we are? Feel free to contact us if any questions arise. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of groundbreaking AI glasses!

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