In May 2023, we unveiled an extraordinary opportunity to join the Aether Eyewear Pre-A funding round – launched to fuel the development of its new glasses (Gen 3) – led exclusively by Moonshot. Aether’s third-generation eyewear is poised to revolutionize our interaction with technology, enabling dialogue with artificial intelligence (AI) and diverse applications, all while providing an alternative for those who don’t wish to move into virtual reality.

Since its introduction, the technology has experienced remarkable momentum, highlighted by recent updates. A few months after the introduction of Aether updates, Meta (formerly Facebook) gained traction with the launch of a new generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

These smart glasses enable users to engage with Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant, through simple voice interaction. By simply saying “Hey Meta” one can take photos and videos, make calls, send messages, ask for advice, open a navigator, and more – all with the phone in the pocket.

According to their website, this eyewear “frees you from the constraints of a hand-held camera […] allowing you to not only relive the moment but really live in the moment too.” No more stopping to answer the phone. No more missed moments that were never captured. Now, you stay in the present, living it hands-free.

At Moonshot, we firmly believe that a voice-controlled aural interface powered by AI will soon become the new standard for human-machine interaction, and Aether is perfectly positioned to seize this revolutionary frontier. With a highly developed global distribution network and an innovative fusion of cutting-edge design and advanced technology, Aether has strong growth potential as a front-runner in an emerging industry with a best-in-class product.

The exciting news is that the opportunity to invest in and benefit from the company at the forefront of this movement is still open to Moonshot Circle members through the link below. 👇

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