Finally, interest again!

With our private debt investments, you receive an uncorrelated, steady, and plannable income.

In contrast to public bonds, private bonds are non-volatile, and investors can join at the issuance price. This means you have full transparency over the future earnings and when the capital is returned to you.

Higher performance

Private debt typically offers more lucrative returns as investors can join at the issuance of a bond and do not have to purchase it on a bond market.


Private debt is not closely correlated with public stocks, bonds, or funds. This means if your public stock goes down, private assets are usually not or less affected.


Private bonds usually have a fixed term, offer a monthly, quarterly, or yearly interest payment, and have a fixed duration. At the end of the term, the capital is returned to you.

Minimum investment CHF 10'000

Park your liquidity with us and receive 4.20% interest with the same flexibility as a savings account.

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Invest deal-by-deal

  • Starting from

    CHF 10,000
  • Average return

    2.23% - 10.24% per year

Focus your capital on individual opportunities and increase your potential.

Looking for higher returns but prefer conservative investing? Our private real estate offering might be the right choice for you.


A diversified portfolio

Classic Buy-Outs

With our private equity buyout portfolio, you are accessing a well-diversified investment from top-tier managers such as KKR, Blackstone, Tiger Global, Apollo Global, Carlyle, and more, starting from only CHF 10'000.

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An investment enabling our future

Mother, our cleantech strategy.

Blackrock, the world's largest wealth manager, says: "The next 1'000 billion dollar companies are in clean energy." No wonder clean tech has become one of our main focuses for investing. Not only is it one of the most lucrative segments, but it's also a segment that solves humanity's biggest threat.

We are investing in selected, high-profile companies while they are private, ensuring the highest possible value creation for investors.

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Invest in our pick-and-shovel strategy and access private companies supplying the most impactful technology since the invention of the internet.

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Need help navigating through the jungles of investing?

Talk to our experienced team, which has decades of experience in private banking and has worked for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

We are happy to help you find the right investment for you.

Fabian Coray
Director of Investor Relations

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