enabling access to private markets

Private equity offers the most lucrative returns for over 20 years.

Our members get instant access to top-tier private equity & debt, venture capital, tech-enabled real estate, and pre-IPO deals structured and issued in Switzerland, starting from only CHF 500 per month or CHF 10,000 one-off.


Private Equity outperforms public markets

S&P 500 vs Private Equity¹

1. The chart shows the net growth of a USD 1 hypothetical initial investment in the referenced indices on January 1, 2000. Sources: Cambridge Associates LLC, Yahoo Finance; Click for details.

Private Markets
don't work the way
they should.

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Impossible to access

Accessing investments like SpaceX, OpenAI (ChatGPT), or Private Equity Funds is tough. You need institutional-sized checks, know insiders, and extensive due diligence.

Millions in capital needed

Top-tier, blue-chip deals frequently demand $1-5M minimum ticket sizes, some even reaching $20m+.

Tied-up for years

Traditional methods tie up funds until an exit or IPO, often for a decade or more. It's a commitment not everyone is ready for.

Members-only network

We come together to access the highest risk-adjusted returns.

Moonshot is a globally active network of accredited investors joining forces to access private equity, venture capital, real estate, blue chip art, and more.

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Unlock access to top-tier deals

Invest in some of the most sought-after deals before the general public has access.

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Moonshot in the media

"A bright future is just around the corner." - Entrepreneur.com

"Handelszeitung" quotes Moonshot's research paper

"Moonshot from Zurich enables investment in individual privately held companies from an investment sum of CHF 10,000." - Finanz & Wirtschaft

Invest on subscription

COMING SOON: Discover Infinity, the first all-in-one access to private markets starting from only CHF 500 per month.

We combine all pillars that lead to prosperity.

Financial success is primarily based on having access to top-tier opportunities, expert knowledge, investor privileges, and most importantly; high-level contacts.

Moonshot Circle

A conversation about the state of the world with Prof. Dr. Erich Fischer, ETH Zurich

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From investors for investors

Moonshot is not another investment platform or a financial institution in the traditional sense. We are a members-only network driven by our members.

If you join forces with us, a universe of opportunities, top-level contacts within our network, and a Rolodex of lucrative privileges await you.

Ready to apply?

To ensure a high-quality investor community, all applicants are verified by us and must meet our qualification criteria.

The membership is free of charge, but you have to become an active investor in order to gain full access.


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Invite your network to discover our exclusive private market investments, such as ChatGPT or SpaceX, and earn lucrative rewards. If you share Moonshot as a logged-in user, you automatically make 2% (and up to 5% with our ambassador program) on your referral's first investment.

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