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Private equity outperforms traditional stocks

S&P 500 vs Private Equity over the last 20 years¹

1. Source: Preqin, published in Wall Street Journal

Moonshot is a Next-generation investor network.


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Moonshot offers simple and easy access to invest directly into sought-after alternative investments.


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Access to curated, exclusive investment opportunities

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For our members (the investors) we select, review, audit, and structure alternative investment opportunities. Let’s face it: The days of “intransparent products wrapped in another product which in turn sits inside another product” are over.

Alternative assets have a much greater potential than traditional investments.

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Alternative assets are investments that are typically not publicly listed and traded. Because of this, they can often have lower volatility than their public counterparts. Offering diversification benefits and uncorrelated returns. Investors, or their managers, usually need dedicated relationships to access these types of assets.


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Why alternative assets?

Alternative assets have significantly outperformed traditional investments and offer unique benefits.

Less Volatile
More Volatile
Lower Returns
Higher Returns


The performance of alternative assets is not closely correlated with public stocks, bonds, or funds.

Capital Preservation

Alternative assets, when properly structured and managed, are great to preserve capital.

Cash Flow

Alternative assets can generate stable and predictable cash flows.

2020 Portfolio Performance

Moonshot Alternative Asset
Portfolio Growth*

Our portfolio for qualified & institutional investors consists of a small, carefully selected, and well-balanced mix of private equity, private debt, private real estate, venture capital, and pre-IPO opportunities.

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22.6% p.a.

2020 ROI

Consisting of 8 products
Available in 3 strategies
Outperformed S&P500 by 137.8%

* This offer is only accessible for professional investors and is an advertisement for financial instruments. The historical performance of any strategy or portfolio is no guarantee of the current and future performance. The value of the portfolio may rise or fall at any time. In general, we advise you to seek advice from a tax and investment professional prior to investing. The published information does not constitute a solicitation, an offer, or a recommendation.

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Here is what sets us apart and ahead.


Get access to alternative investment opportunities that have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by our deal team.



Enjoy membership perks from the products and companies our network has invested in. Perks such as complimentary stays and free (EV) sport car events.



Experience private networking events in spectacular settings. Form new relationships, meet exciting and like-minded people.



Access cost-free advice from one of the leading networks. Award-winning tax specialists, lawyers, and financial experts. Trusted by sports icons like Roger Federer.



Secondary market

Traditional alternative investments typically target a 10-year hold, but with our Secondary Market, you have the potential to exit within 1-3 months. Liquidity is not guaranteed or provided, according to best effort.


Financials are published every semester. Buy new shares or find a buyer for yours within our community in weeks.


We can quickly find a new buyer for your shares, should you require unexpected liquidity.


Know what’s going on before everyone else does. We keep you posted, as much as you like.

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Moonshot offers a turnkey solution for offering alternative investments to your clients or your network with low minimum investment sizes (from CHF 500) with a fully vetted, FIDLEG compliant solution.


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"Moonshot is a visionary leader in the funding market and plays on the side of the entrepreneur."

Toni Piëch, Entrepreneur

"Le Bijou - the most outstanding hotel experience in my life and I stay in over 100 hotels every year."

Steve Wozniak about Le Bijou

"Flagship investor Peter Thiel has closed off the Series A funding for Piëch Automotive." - Forbes

Peter Thiel, Co-Investor

In The Press

News from our portfolio companies

Thiel Invests As EV Startup Piëch Automotive Hires Porsche And Tesla Execs. – Forbes

Piëch: This Swiss EV startup will be led by a bunch of former Tesla, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagen bosses. – Entrepreneur

SpaceX Will Launch Extraordinary Mission To The ‘Veiny Eyeball’ Moon On A $178 Million Falcon Heavy Rocket, Says NASA – Forbes

As Revolut Becomes U.K.’s Most Valuable Fintech, Its Founder Is Now Worth $7 Billion – Forbes

Warren Buffett Invests $500 Million in Brazilian Neobank Nubank – Entrepreneur

“The pandemic has given Le Bijou’s business model another boost.” – SRF Eco

Will Smith-Backed Raises $220 Million For Social Investing Network

“Le Bijou, a Swiss luxury hotelier started a “Covid-19-Service” offering clients high-end quarantine apartments.” – Bloomberg

Will Smith, JJ Watt top list of investing app backers – FOX Business


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


We invest in skilled teams and smart entrepreneurs because they are the ones that create value for our investors.

Technology is the fundamental driver of growth in the industrialized world. But instead of chasing the next Google, we’re looking to innovate and improve those industries that have been left out from digitalization. Industries such as real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation. Large and stable industries, that still operate like they did decades ago.

Moonshot itself incorporates the mindset of the new way of doing business: lean and transparent. We believe the traditional ways of financing, e.g. venture capital, are outdated and broken.

We are jumping the line of fund managers, bankers, and venture capitalists that so often drain money, inflate companies, and exaggerate their value. Worldwide already today, 20-30% of all investors are private investors, and most likely that number will grow. The current times call for a direct, unfiltered way to invest in great companies.

Instead, we are connecting private and institutional investors directly to private, founder-led companies that serve large markets, are creating steady and ongoing profits for investors, are not inflated and hyped without showing financial results, and most importantly have a monopoly in their segment.

We are only charging the companies we work with based on their success and profitability. This is why Moonshot has become a quality mark and trusted scout for alternative investments that are delivering reliable and steady returns.

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