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What is Moonshot?

Moonshot is a disruptive investment boutique, focusing on low-cost investment structures in alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, and venture capital. We cut out layered fees of larger institutions to deliver a fee structure more than 80% lower than traditional investment funds or banks. We believe an investment structure should be so simple that it fits on a single page.

To the moon and back

For our members (the investors) we select, review, audit, and structure alternative investment opportunities. Let’s face it: The days of “intransparent products wrapped in another product which in turn sits inside another product” are over. With the stock market being inflated due to intensive money printing, investors are seeking more and more direct, off-market investment opportunities with strong fundamentals and stable, continuous returns at reasonable valuations.


Get to know Moonshot Circle

  • What is Moonshot?

    Moonshot is an investment boutique offering services around alternative investments, namely private equity, direct investments with a strong focus on real estate opportunities, and venture capital.

    Moonshot is divided into two divisions: Moonshot Circle and Moonshot FAAS and operated as a franchise. Moonshot franchisees benefit from a global network of investors, brokers, and deal teams.

    Together with its investor network, Moonshot Circle structures, reviews, and invests in tech-enabled, market-changing companies in large, established markets such as real estate, healthcare, transportation, and energy.

    We focus on dividend-paying, profitable, and established investment cases that offer long-term returns.

  • How can I become a member?

    Moonshot Circle members have to be investors in one of our curated deals. Please reach out to learn more about our current opportunities.

  • Can also non-members join events, receive legal advise and receive leverage-credit for investing?


  • Who is behind Moonshot?

    Moonshot is a spin-off of the Hong Kong-based private equity firm HFT Capital (Hong Kong) Limited. Moonshot Switzerland is the first franchise outside of Asia and acts independently from the franchisor.

  • What's Moonshot Circle's goal?

    Moonshot is a visionary leader in the funding market. We replace the ‘grow or die’ approach with a ‘develop and prosper’ approach. We play on the side of the entrepreneur and thus create long-term, profitable investment cases for our network.

  • Is Moonshot an investment fund?

    No. Moonshot is a transformative investment boutique offering curated and supervised investment opportunities to its members-only circle. Each individual investor decides in which companies he would like to invest.

What do you get?

Access to curated, exclusive investment opportunities

Preferred investment terms and up to 50% more performance

Network-access to form fruitful relationships

Attractive investor benefits from the companies we’ve invested in

Who is it for?

Likeminded entrepreneurial souls, who share the same values and enjoy exchanging new ideas and growing together.

Individuals seeking for new opportunities and connections

Existing investors in one of our curated deals

10 REASONS why you will love moonshot circle


Get access to investment opportunities that have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by our deal team.



Members investing with us get access to our alternative to a savings account, providing 2.0% p.a. interest while maintaining 30 days withdrawal term.

SAVE AT 2.0%


Get up to 50% higher returns by investing with Moonshot Circle. We subsidize investors and contributors to our circle with free leverage capital at favorable, long-term conditions.



A personal specialist will be at your disposal and help you with all your questions regarding our curated investments.



Enjoy exclusive membership perks from the products and companies our circle has invested in, like complimentary stays and free (EV) sport car events.



Our deal-to-deal investment dashboards ad an additional layer of financial-safety and help you manage your portfolio.

Coming up


Listen to some of the most outstanding speakers and get insights and inspiration from their challenges and accomplishments.



Get free legal and tax-law advice from proven experts.



Moonshot Circle members get access to our quality concierge services.



Members enjoy private events introducing companies that reinvent outdated industries, deliver continuous returns, have sustainable business cases, and lean structures.


Are you a team player?

We encourage our members with lucrative incentives to spread the word and help our network to grow by recruiting new members. If you are interested in playing a role in our ecosystem and add a professional spin to your networking activities, then reach out to us.


In The Press


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

We invest in great teams and smart entrepreneurs because they know best how to create value for our investors.

Technology is the fundamental driver of growth in the industrialized world. But instead of chasing the next Google, we’re looking to innovate and improve those industries that have been left out from the digitalization. Industries such as real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation. Large and stable industries, that still operate like they did decades ago.

Moonshot itself incorporates the mindset of the new way of doing business: lean and transparent. We believe the traditional ways of financing e.g. venture capital are outdated and broken.

We are jumping the line of fund managers, bankers, and venture capitalists that so often drain money, inflate companies, and exaggerate their value. Worldwide already today, 20-30% of all investors are private investors and most likely that number will grow. The current times call for a direct, unfiltered way to invest in great companies.

Instead, we are connecting private and institutional investors directly to private, founder-led companies that serve large markets, are creating steady and ongoing profits for investors, are not inflated and hyped without showing financial results, and most importantly have a monopoly in their segment.

We are only charging the companies we work with based on their success and profitability. This is why Moonshot has become a quality mark and trusted scout for alternative investments that are delivering reliable and steady returns.

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