Rockets are cool. There's no getting around that. - Elon Musk

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Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is an American aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services and communications company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

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Small minimum investment size


Target 2-4 year Return


Target Investment Hold Period approx 2-4 years

The founder

A man that needs no introduction, but should you not know who he is: Elon Reeve Musk FRS is an entrepreneur and business magnate.

He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX; early-stage investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. A centibillionaire, Musk is one of the richest people in the world.

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Why we're investing

We estimate a 1.2-2.5x multiple within 2-4 years. Elon Musk's success stories have proven time and again that there is enormous demand for his companies. Large institutional investors, as well as private investors, have built significant trust in Elon Musk, and we believe this investment is virtually a no-brainer.

Low-cost leader

We estimate a 1.2-2.5x multiple within 2-4 years. The demand for the brand "Elon Musk" is gigantic, just like his visions.

Technological leader

Not only are SpaceX rockets cheaper, but they are technologically better. SpaceX has developed numerous patents, and its rockets outperform the competition across various key metrics.

Complementary products

The double flywheel1 of Starlink and Starship. Starlink provides the bulk of SpaceX’s revenue and provides high-speed broadband internet to more than 140,000 users in 20 countries2 via approximately 1,800 satellites. Starlink is destined to become a giant in the broadband space, offering stable income for decades to come. SpaceX’s latest space system, Starship, is more powerful than the Apollo Saturn V rocket and is set to score new milestones for SpaceX. SpaceX will use it to meet its USD 2.9 billion3 lunar lander contract with NASA, launch the gen-2 satellites for Starlink, increase its capability for large commercial satellites, and even send people to Mars.


SpaceX has gained worldwide attention for a series of historic milestones. It is the only private company capable of returning a spacecraft from low Earth orbit, which it first accomplished in 2010.

The company made history again in 2012 when its Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft to deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station.

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JAN, 2021

Most spacecraft launched into space on a single mission, with 143 satellites

APR, 2021

First reuse and reflight of a crewed space capsule

JUN, 2021

First reused booster launch for a 'national security' mission

SEP, 2021

First orbital launch of an all-private crew

The investment opportunity

Invest in SpaceX

We estimate a 1.2-2.5x multiple within the next 2-4 years. Our minimum ticket size for this investment is CHF 25’000.

The investment is made via a tracker certificate issued by MISP AG.



projected return*

CHFk 25 min.
Very rare opportunity
New issue

* This offer is only accessible for professional investors and is an advertisement for financial instruments. The historical performance or our return estimations/predictions are no guarantee of the current and future performance. The value of the investment may rise or fall at any time up to the complete loss of the invested capital. In general, we advise you to seek advice from a tax and investment professional prior to investing. The published information does not constitute a solicitation, an offer, or a recommendation.


Projected Returns Calculator

Positive Scenario
SpaceX (via Tracker Certificate) - Positive ScenarioSpaceX (via Tracker Certificate) - Average ScenarioSpaceX (via Tracker Certificate) - Negative Scenario
3 years
2 years3 years4 years

The Investment Structure:
Tracker Certificate

 A tracker certificate reflects the change of the value of the underlying asset's price movement. The underlying asset can be, for example, a share, a bond, a commodity, a currency, or a combination of different underlying assets.

The average ticket size in private investments is often between CHF 1-5M. Moonshot uses tracker certificates (structured product), issued by its own issuance company "MISP AG" to split the investment size into smaller tickets to make them accessible to private investors.


Instrument: Structured product (Tracker Certificate)
Expected return: 1.2-2.5x
Auto-adjusted return on secondary transactions p.a.: 8 p.a. on secondary market in case of no IPO *1
Lockup period: 6 months after IPO *2
Administration fee: 1.25% p.a. (charged by issuer)
Setup fee: 2% (one off & upfront)
Performance fee: 20%
Secondary transactions: Yes, if IPO is postponed
Network fee for secondary transactions: 1st year: 20%, 2nd year 12.5%, 3rd year and onwards 8.5%
Min. investment: CHF 25'000
Investment horizon: 2-4 years

*1: Moonshot acts as a “match-maker” via the in-house “Bulletin Board” should an investor require early liquidity. Based on our estimation, the auto-adjusted return will be added as a default base-price finding.

*2: Pre-IPO investments usually include a minimum hold period of 6 months after IPO. Your minimum hold period is always the IPO date + 6 months. The market value will determine the price of your shares after the lock-up period.

Investment DOCUMENTS

Economical approach

Moonshot is an investor network and acts in the interest of its members. Our platform offers a lean onboarding structure that enables us to cut off unnecessary fees by issuing physical certificates. The "non-bankable" approach minimizes our ongoing fees and eliminates depot costs.

1.25% p.a. Management fee

MISP AG (our issuing company for structured products) charges an annual management fee as well as a 2% setup fee, which is used to supervise and track the investment, perform the due diligence, investor communication, accounting, tax, and cover operational expenses.

20% Performance fee

20.00% on the final valuation date is paid to the issuer (MISP AG) to compensate for the origination of the investment opportunity. The performance fee only applies for returns exceeding a minimum performance of 8% per year.

Target Returns as a % of Initial Equity-Investment

Hypothetical Investment

CHF 200,000

Total Returned

CHF 500,000

Closing -CHF 200,000
Year 1 CHF 16,000
Year 2 CHF 32,000
Year 3 CHF 48,000
Year 4, Exit CHF 500,000
Capital Funding
Yearly Value Increase / Secondary Market Transactions*
Sale Proceeds / Liquidity Event
* The auto-adjusted return will be added to your securities (shares/bonds/certificates) as a default base-price finding for placing the securities in our investor network of over 7’000 active investors.

What if you require unexpected liquidity?


Moonshot acts as a “match-maker” via the in-house “Bulletin Board” should an investor require early liquidity. The auto-adjusted return will be added to your securities (shares/bonds/certificates) as a default base-price finding for placing the securities in our investor network of over 7’000 active investors.

Please note, liquidity is not provided or guaranteed by Moonshot. Secondary offerings are only supported once Moonshot's primary offering has been closed.


Financials are published every quarter, semester, or year (as applicable). If available, Moonshot reviews and analyzes financials for its members.


We can quickly find a new buyer for your shares, should you require unexpected liquidity. Moonshot acts as a "match-maker" via the in-house "Bulletin Board”.


Know what’s going on before everyone else does. We keep you posted, as much as you like.

Our investment process

Online process

Click on the "Start Investing" button, fill in your personal data and follow the process.

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Select & Review

Select the product that is right for you and review all legal documents. Please note: No physical signature is required, the entire process can be done online.

Pay & Receive

You will receive our payment instructions. Once it's paid we will deliver the share assignment or bond certificate. Should you require liquidity, our secondary market will be available to you after the minimum holding period.


As one of the world’s fastest-growing providers of launch services, SpaceX has secured over 100 missions to its manifest, representing over $12 billion on contract. These include commercial satellite launches as well as US government missions. SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is flying numerous cargo resupply missions to the space station under a series of Commercial Resupply Services contracts.

Elon Musk is one of the most influential entrepreneurs worldwide. We think an opportunity to invest in SpaceX at this point is very rare. That the investment can be done in CHF is unique. Our opinion: This is a no-brainer and shouldn't miss in your portfolio.

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