“AI is the defining technology of our times.” — Satya Nadella

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OpenAI is revolutionizing the way we interact with artificial intelligence. With a mission to ensure that AI is used for the common good, OpenAI's team of brilliant minds is tirelessly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From language models that generate human-like text to state-of-the-art robotics, OpenAI is at the forefront of shaping the future of AI.

For those seeking to lead the change in innovation, OpenAI is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

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Small minimum investment size


Expected multiple


Target investment hold period approx. 3–5 years

Why we're investing

We are currently at the cusp of a new age, similar to the advent of the internet in the 2000s or the rise of social media in the 2010s, but on a scale that surpasses both.

Significant Return Potential

The ability to profit from the leading artificial intelligence company’s so-called generative AI technology, which will make more industries (such as law, graphic design, paid marketing, video production, etc.) 2–5x more efficient.

AI Boosting the Industry 4.0

By investing in the leading company of the industry, you can shape the future of technology and lay the foundation for future generations with accelerating development and take-up of AI, which will increase the global GDP by up to 14% by 2030. And we are determined to seize this fortuitous moment.

Ahead of Competition

Whereas companies of all sizes race to catch up with the latest advancements in AI technology, only a few are expected to reach the same level of generative models like GPT-4 and DALL·E, representing the forefront of AI innovation.


Microsoft has invested USD 1 billion, with a commitment to invest an additional USD 10 billion, in OpenAI, seeing the potential in the research and technology developed and the company’s ability to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities.

And Microsoft's astute judgment has paid off handsomely. It took 3 years and 5 months for Netflix to reach 1 million subscribers, 2 years for Twitter, 10 months for Facebook, and around 2.5 months for Instagram to gain the same level of traction. Meanwhile, ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, achieved this milestone in a mere 5 days.

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“OpenAI's GPT-3 language model is a revolutionary breakthrough.” — Forbes

“ChatGPT represents a significant step forward in the development of AI language models.” — Forbes

“OpenAI has a reputation for being one of the most innovative and forward-thinking AI research organizations.” — Business Insider

“OpenAI's work on GPT-3 is one of the most significant advances in AI in recent years.” — MIT Technology Review

“ChatGPT has demonstrated impressive capabilities for natural language understanding and generation, which is essential for the development of advanced AI applications.” – Intel

The investment opportunity


Join OpenAI’s Late Stage VC round starting from USD 25’000 together with Moonshot, private investors, and other leading VCs. We are investing at the current valuation of USD 42.5 billion and estimate a 1.7–6.8x multiple over the next 3–5 years.

The investment is made via a tracker certificate issued by MISP AG.

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USD 25’000 minimum
Very rare opportunity
Sold out - Join waitlist

* This offer is only accessible for professional investors and is an advertisement for financial instruments. The historical performance or our return estimations/predictions are no guarantee of the current and future performance. The value of the investment may rise or fall at any time up to the complete loss of the invested capital. In general, we advise you to seek advice from a tax and investment professional prior to investing. The published information does not constitute a solicitation, an offer, or a recommendation.


Projected Returns Calculator

Positive Scenario
OpenAI (via Tracker Certificate) - Positive ScenarioOpenAI (via Tracker Certificate) - Average ScenarioOpenAI (via Tracker Certificate) - Negative Scenario
3 years
3 years4 years5 years

The Investment Structure:
Tracker Certificate

 A tracker certificate reflects the change of the value of the underlying asset's price movement. The underlying asset can be, for example, a share, a bond, a commodity, a currency, or a combination of different underlying assets.

The average ticket size in private investments is often between CHF 1-5M. Moonshot uses tracker certificates (structured product), issued by its own issuance company “MISP AG” to split the investment size into smaller tickets to make them accessible to private investors.


Instrument: Structured product (Tracker Certificate)
Issuer: MISP AG
Expected multiple: 1.7–6.8x
Expected return: 11.19–46.72% p.a.
Minimum investment: USD 25’000
Investment horizon: ≤ 5 years
Valuation: USD 42.5 Billion (secondary market)
Administration fee: 3% p.a. (charged by the issuer)
Performance fee: 30%
Setup fee: 2% (one-off fee charged upfront)
Lockup period: 5 years, or 6 months after IPO
Secondary transactions: Yes, after lockup


Around 92% of global investors have identified digitalization and AI as leading investment themes, leaving the remaining 8% to rue their decision in the near future.

Currently, OpenAI is the clear leader in the AI market with a Serviceable Available Market (SAM) of USD 40.2 billion. Although competitors like Google and Anthropic AI exist, OpenAI boasts a number of competitive advantages that can deter new entrants. Its integrations into other systems and habit formation make it exceedingly difficult for competitors to gain a foothold in this market.

What if you require unexpected liquidity?


Most private investments typically target a 10–15-year hold, but with Moonshot, you have the potential to exit earlier.

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Financials are published every quarter, semester, or year (as applicable). If available, Moonshot reviews and analyzes financials for its members.


We can quickly find a new buyer for your shares, should you require unexpected liquidity. Moonshot acts as a “match-maker” via the in-house “Bulletin Board”.


Know what’s going on before everyone else does. We keep you posted, as much as you like.

Our investment process

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Click on the “Start Investing” button, fill in your personal data and follow the process.

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Select the product that is right for you and review all legal documents. Please note: No physical signature is required, the entire process can be done online.

Pay & Receive

You will receive our payment instructions. Once it's paid we will deliver the share assignment or bond certificate. Should you require liquidity, our secondary market will be available to you after the minimum holding period.

Investment-related questions?

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Fabian Coray

Investor Relations for OpenAI
Languages: German/English/Romansh


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