The New York-based investing platform, one of Moonshot’s portfolio companies, has added no less than ten cryptocurrencies to the crypto mix it was already offering to its users, bringing the count up to 21. users can now diversify their portfolio with an interesting range of cryptocurrencies - among which bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), SushiSwap (SUSHI), and ShibaInu ($SHIB) - and experience another exciting opportunity to earn attractive returns, along with stocks and ETFs.

Completely on their own: prides itself on being an investing platform that helps people become better investors through education, community, and on-point content created by some of the world’s best analysts, allowing them to invest in total autonomy.

People can start investing with a little budget on and can do it first-person, without intermediaries; now, even though a web platform. This is another recent news from, that now allows its users to manage their portfolios and make trades also from their desktops and not only from the much-appreciated app.

It’s easy to understand that this change will allow the platform to further expand its user base, thus increasing its revenues and its overall value. Another good reason for you to choose to invest in through Moonshot.

Greycroft, Accel, and Lake Star already support the Public’s initiative, together with renowned investors like Will Smith, Scott Galloway, Dick Parsons, and Shari Redstone. Now, you can be part of this exciting group too.

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