Swiss electric sports car manufacturer Piëch Automotive is looking to raise approximately USD 175 million with its fresh series B fundraising, working closely with renowned marketing agency Zelebrand International. At the center of this collaboration is the staging of the Piëch GT, the first vehicle manufactured by Piëch to date, which has just entered its test phase.

With a range of 500km and fast-charging technology that enables it to become fully charged in under five minutes, the Piëch GT is absolutely among the best in its class. But Piëch stands for more than just performance. In the words of co-founder Rea Stark-Rajcic: “The new Piëch GT should convincingly transport the genes of a classic sports car into the electric age.”

To do justice to the unique DNA of Piëch, the company, together with Zelebrand International, has produced a product film and a short documentary to showcase the brand and its newly launched vehicle. Interested purchasers can now join an online waiting list on the Piëch revised web platform to get notified once pre-orders are available.

According to Toni Piëch, co-founder and CEO of Piëch Automotive, Zelebrand International and Piëch complement each other perfectly, which is reflected in the results of their cooperation. Moreover, a member of Zelebrand’s advisory board, Spiros Margaris, a venture capitalist awarded “No. 1 Influencer in Global Finance, Fintech, AI, and Blockchain” by Refinitiv and Onalytica, brings not only his unique high-level expertise but also valuable reach as an influencer. Spiros’ social media post about the Piëch GT went viral with over 2 million impressions in the selected opinion leader target group.

Piëch not only demonstrates ingenious attention to detail in its vehicle design but in all elements of its brand design. Cooperation with London-based design and brand studio Shop Talk resulted in Piëch Sans, the company’s very own typeface. The font, like the Piëch GT, represents a symbiosis of European tradition and electric innovation. According to its designers, the vehicle’s shape and technology are reflected in the typeface complementing Piëch’s unparalleled visual identity. The icing on the cake for purists, the numbers on the Piëch GT's speedometer will be written in Piëch Sans.

The launch of the series production of the Piëch GT is planned for 2024. However, you should expect to increasingly hear, see, and experience the brand Piëch in the coming months, as its marketing campaign has only just begun, and the cooperation with Zelebrand International marks an important milestone.



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