We are proud to announce that Swiss luxury real estate brand Amēa Villas which is creating cutting-edge luxury villas for holiday stays and exclusive events in some of the most stunning locations on earth has successfully completed its early-bird funding and is entering a new stage.

As part of this exciting update, we are pleased to share with you a brief overview of the most important achievements. To explore the full version, please click the button below to review the Amēa Villas brochure.

Review brochure

  • Construction front

    Amēa Villas has completed the project’s first phase and started the construction, additional planning activities, and getting building permits. The most recent news from this area comprises the following features:

    1. Amēa Villas has secured one of the most amazing land plots in the world with the help of our 30+ early investors. It provides direct views of Ascona, Locarno, the Swiss Alps, the Brissago Islands, and as far as Italy. The plot has a surface of over 7'000 square meters and is valued at CHF 8'000'000.

    2. The Canton of Ticino granted Amēa Villas exclusive building approval that is one of a kind, as it allows them to dig the tunnel underneath the forest to access their plot. Amēa Villas began building the access tunnel at the end of summer 2022.

    3. The main focus in 2023-2024 will be on the development of a tunnel and a garage to support the logistics needs of the construction.

    4. Ammann SA Studio di Geologia from Losone completed the geological analysis of the plot, which was an essential step for the planning and engineering of the access tunnel construction. The project partner Cerfeda Architekten AG has conducted an architectural study in collaboration with AFRY Schweiz AG to develop several variations of the layout and build-out of the tunnel and car park.

  • Financial plan

    Amēa Villas has completed the operational concept study, including a detailed and periodically updated financial plan. The last update included the share price progression and the complete capitalization table. So far, CHF 7'000'000 have been pledged for phase 1 of the construction (partially subject to approved permits).

    Following extensive clarifications of building laws, Amēa Villas has identified some further possible uses for the property, in addition to short and medium-term rentals and events: structured accommodation business, and primary residence.

  • Visualizations

    Amēa Villas has produced a new video visualization and detailed floor plans that reflect the vision for the development. Please note that the plans might not represent the final layouts used for the preliminary building application.

  • New partnerships

    Amēa and Le Bijou have signed a licensing agreement for the use of “mission control”, Le Bijou’s completely automated operational system for hospitality.

  • The management of new luxury properties

    Amēa is currently negotiating to take over the management of new (already existing) luxury properties such as villas and retreats. Existing investors will be able to use their tokens. The first location being discussed is based in Mykonos, Greece.

    By 2023-2024, Amēa plans to significantly extend its offering for hotel usage through a new partnership with a mountain resort, adding new hotels for “leisure investors”.

  • New investment offers

    The initial funding has been completed, and Amēa Villas is presenting new investment terms for the next stage phase of the project to optimize fundraising. The next stage of the project includes the application for the construction of the building, as well as the construction financing of the access tunnel, garage, and building on the plot.

    The new investment terms include two categories of investors: financial investors and leisure investors. Furthermore, there will be fixed income options.

    Fresh investment terms from Amēa Villas

    In order to discover a detailed description of each category of investor and their differences, please visit the website.

  • Investor benefits

    Standing up for top-tier investors, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals, Amēa Villas has revised and expanded the investor benefit system. In order to review a detailed list of privileges, please click the button below.

    REVIEW Brochure

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