Plannable, fixed income of 4.20% p.a. paid out monthly with the flexibility of a savings account.


In or out?
You decide.

The flexible structure of our product allows you to withdraw money with only three months' notice, just like with a savings account.

Our fixed-income AMC allows you to spread your capital across multiple fixed-income bonds.

The structure allows withdrawals of up to CHF 25'000 per month within only three months' notice.

Just like a savings account but with interest.

Use your deposit to fund Moonshot investment or simply as parking for your liquidity.

It's the perfect tool to put your liquidity to work.

4.20% annual interest paid out monthly with the flexibility of a savings account.



Invest in all our vetted private debt deals at once.

Moonshot enables you to invest in selected private debt deals on a deal-by-deal basis. The Fixed Income Strategy now enables you to invest in all of the private debt deals you see (or saw) on our platform with one product. Please note that structured products are not subject to FINMA supervision and that the deposit guarantee does not cover these investments.

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annual interest paid out monthly


Receive monthly payouts to your account

90 days

Withdrawals within three months' notice

Asset allocation
in % of invested funds
Senior corporate bonds (short term)
Subordinated high yield bonds (short term)
Subordinated high yield bonds (fixed interest)
Convertible corporate bonds (fixed interest)
Cash or liquid assets (for early redemptions)

Facts & Figures

The investment objective of this strategy is to create a fixed, risk-adjusted return of 4.20% p.a.

We regularly rebalance the portfolio and distribute the proceeds equally among the offered bonds according to the asset allocation target as displayed above. The allocation target may vary depending on asset availability.

Liquidity position: The portfolio holds cash or liquid asset position to enable early redemptions described further down on this page. Please note that structured products are not subject to FINMA supervision and that the deposit guarantee does not cover these investments.

Instrument: Actively Managed Certificate (AMC)
Fixed return: 4.20% p.a.
Profit distribution: Monthly
Minimum term: 3 months
Term: Perpetual
Repayment: Termination and repayment after 3 months (free of charge) of up to CHF 25'000 per month
Administration fee: 0.25% p.a. (charged by issuer and already deducted from performance)
Setup fee: No
Performance fee: No
Withdrawal limit: CHF 25'000 per month
Min. investment: CHF 10'000

Unique benefits

Low correlation with public markets

We only invest in private debt which is not listed on any public market. Therefore the investment is not volatile and offers a stable interest of 4.20% p.a.

A fully Swiss investment

Our bond investments are issued from Swiss companies and have shown reliable track-record over many years. Switzerland is one of the most stable economies in the world.

Attractive interest and monthly payouts

Our Fixed Income Strategy pays a monthly interest of 4.20% per annum.

Low minimums and easy top-ups

You can top-up your investment at any point in time due to the low minimum investment of only CHF 10'000.

Projected Returns Calculator

Fixed Income Strategy (AMC)
Fixed Income Strategy with 4.20% p.a.
3 years
3 months6 months1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years11 years12 years13 years14 years15 years16 years17 years18 years19 years20 years21 years22 years23 years24 years25 years26 years27 years28 years29 years30 years

The Investment Structure:
Actively Managed Certificate (AMC)

"Actively Managed Certificates" ("AMC") are structured products whose underlying asset is managed on a discretionary basis during the term of the product in accordance with a specific investment strategy.

The average ticket size in private market investments is often exceeding CHF 5M. Moonshot uses actively managed certificates (structured product) issued by its issuance company "MISP AG" to split the investment size into smaller tickets to make them accessible to private investors.


Our investment process

Online process

Click on the "Start Investing" button, fill in your personal data and follow the process.

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Select & Review

Select the product that is right for you and review all legal documents. Please note: No physical signature is required, the entire process can be done online.

Pay & Receive

You will receive our payment instructions. Once it's paid we will deliver the share assignment or bond certificate. Should you require liquidity, our secondary market will be available to you after the minimum holding period.

Investment-related questions?

Schedule a call and ask us anything.

Fabian Coray

Investor Relations for AMCs
Languages: German/English/Romansh


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