The 2024 White Turf in St. Moritz, set against the majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps, was a spectacle of luxury, sport, and innovation. The prestigious event, renowned for its world-class horse racing on a frozen lake, attracted elite attendees from around the globe.

Established in 1907, the White Turf was not only a thrilling display of equestrian prowess but also a celebration of Swiss tradition and culture. The event spanned three Sundays – 4th, 11th, and 18th February 2024, with each race day offering a unique blend of excitement and sophistication.

Inspiring conversations at White Turf

Amidst the captivating ambiance of the White Turf event, the Moonshot Investor Network hosted a networking event aimed at fostering inspiring conversations with our members and business leaders who shape the future of the finance world. Beyond the allure of the races, this occasion served as a crucial moment to fortify the relationships that lie at the heart of Moonshot's mission.

During this exclusive event, we provided a unique opportunity for visionary investors to engage with groundbreaking projects, offering a glimpse into the future of private markets. The gathering facilitated meaningful interactions between industry trailblazers, enabling them to share insights, exchange ideas, and form connections that transcend the boundaries of traditional networking.

Moonshot’s networking event not only showcased the dynamism and innovation inherent in our approach but also underscored our commitment to driving meaningful change in the finance industry. By bringing together influential figures and fostering an environment conducive to collaboration, the event served as a testament to Moonshot's dedication to shaping the future of finance through impactful partnerships and visionary initiatives.

Join Moonshot Circle members at one of our upcoming events and experience the full benefits of our exclusive network. Discover more about our gatherings by visiting:

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