The Premise

As the tech-led smart eyewear category evolves, considered product design tends to remain an afterthought. Here to flip the script is Aether, a new design-focused wearables company launched by an international team of award-winning designers and strategists driven to bring a human touch to a market gap between sound, eyewear, and personal style.

Aether combines designer eyewear with earbuds to deliver a new ambient listening experience for a digital seamless future. A future where advancements in Voice AI technology will enable us to rely less on our screens.

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The Vision

Aether believes in creating a future where technology fades to the back. Your personal aural ambience comes to life in surround sound - elevating your sense of wellbeing through newfound clarity with nothing in your ears.

Aether’s vision is to create an ecosystem built on open-ear audio technology merging high-end eyewear design with advanced AI capabilities. The same way Steve Jobs merged the iPod, phone, and internet communicator into the iPhone in 2007.



Aether is not a prototype, a concept, or just an idea. It's a founder-led, fully operational company at the forefront of an emerging industry with a best-in-class product. Perfectly closing the gap between fashion and wearable technology, their products can be purchased online and have fast-
growing order quantities in top retailers worldwide.

All major tech brands have shown interest in Aether's patented hardware technology and brand appeal, which leads us to believe that Aether is an optimal acquisition candidate for a tech giant like Apple.

That is why Moonshot has decided to lead Aether’s Pre-Series A round.

Aether Website

High growth

Thanks to a lean operating structure and a high-margin product, Aether is able to scale quickly.

Impressive demand

At the intersection of two growing markets valued at over $200B. Global sales of audio eyewear are projected to increase to 50M units by 2027.

Patented technology

Tech giants Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have not yet managed to produce such a slim design. Aether is the only company with patents for such a design.


“Aether bridges the gap between fashion and technology better than any other brand on the market.” - WIRED

“If you want to listen discreetly, without losing the sound of the sea or the noises of a forest, for example, then Aether is exactly what you need.” - WALLPAPER

“Super impressed with Aether's design. From the packaging to the charging box, to the glasses themselves. Feels futuristic. Fits well. Looks beautiful.” - Minimalissimo

The future

Aether's roadmap is planned towards IPO from 2027 onwards. Alternatively, Aether will be an excellent acquisition target for big tech firms looking to buy into the next big frontier of smart eyewear (as Apple bought Beats Electronics for 3B CHF in 2014).


Listen to music without earbuds

Aether synchronises sound and sight in a considered object for a new listening experience: refined glasses and sunglasses offering a portal to an enhanced aural ambience.

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Crisp and clear calls

The Bluetooth-enabled devices are embedded with microphones compatible with voice isolation technology which enables you to catch up and attend meetings with flawless connectivity.

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Wireless charging reinvented

Every detail and touchpoint of the wearer's experience has been considered and carefully designed, from the brushed aluminum wireless charging case to the multi-step unpacking ritual – an experience in its own right.

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What is unique about Aether's business?

The Product / Experience

Aether synchronises sound and sight in a considered object for a new listening experience: refined glasses and sunglasses offering a portal to an enhanced aural ambience.

Open-ear speakers seamlessly direct top-quality sound to the ears while liberating wearers from the inconvenience of headphones.

In providing on-demand access to music, podcasts, calls, and voice assist, Aether empowers wearers to fine-tune their soundscape as they move through their daily lives, all while staying connected to the present.

The Technology

Powered by Bluetooth 5.1 and Qualcomm aptX™ technology with custom developed open-ear audio speakers and EQ profiles, Aether audio glasses yield the purest sound in our category with minimal sound leakage to safeguard user discretion.

Our structurally innovative patented architecture gives us a leading edge over competitors in the premium smart eyewear category, which our offering currently tops as the most lightweight and streamlined in the world.

The Design

Developed by an experienced Italian-Korean eyewear design team, Aether frames discreetly integrate compact yet powerful audio tech without compromising on looks or feel. Characterised by sleek curves, clean lines and a pleasing tactility, each style features high-quality lenses from Carl Zeiss and premium Mazzuchelli 1849 acetate.

Every detail and touchpoint of the wearer experience has been considered and carefully designed, from the brushed aluminium wireless charging case to the multi-step unpacking ritual – an experience in its own right.

The Market

Eyewear is the next big frontier in wearable technology. The importance of design, quality and individuality is steadily aligning with the demand for simple, usable tech.

As the audio wearables market matures, we anticipate a paradigm shift in which audio eyewear becomes a new frontier that could potentially hit 50 million units in 2027.

The Team

Solid team with proven track record backed by eyewear industry partners who have scaled businesses up to $200M in annual revenue.

Aether's Roadmap


Concept & Research


Design & Prototyping


Initial Production


Collection Expansion


App Launch


Active Line Launch


1st Flagship Store Launch


IPO or Acquisition

The investment opportunity

Invest in AETHER

Join Aether's Pre-Series A round with only CHF 25'000 together with Moonshot and other leading VC and private investors.

Tap into a next-generation listening experience.

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Details of the Pre Series A

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Instrument: Tracker Certificate
Return (expected): 11.25 - 15.54x until 2027
Minimum hold 5 years
Secondary Market: After lockup
Min. Investment CHF 25'000
Investor focus 5-7 years

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Projected Return as a % of Initial Investment

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CHF 1,540,000

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Year 2 CHF 310,000
Year 3 CHF 310,000
Year 4 CHF 310,000
Year 5, Exit CHF 1,554,000
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