Amēa is a newly established Swiss luxury real estate brand that democratizes access to the ultra-high-end lifestyle. It develops modern luxury villas for holiday stays and exclusive events, nestled in the world’s most breath-taking locations.

Amēa operates a time-sharing model, which capitalizes on the recent rise of the sharing economy: the co-owners can live in the property during the pre-allocated time slots during the low season, and as well earn profits during the high season. This way, Amēa maximises the occupancy and the efficient use of the property, while bringing down the entry threshold of the ultra-luxury lifestyle.

With Amēa investors can start investing from CHF 25'000 and receive a 10% annual steady price appreciation before the property is operational, and up to 4.2% cash returns along with 2.0% fixed value appreciation every year when the property is launched.


The collaboration between Moonshot and SAOTA resulted in the creation of Amēa - a rising star in international high-end real estate. The concept embodied through exceptional design from the award-winning and world-renowned Masters of Architecture from SAOTA, Amēa aims for sophistication by innovating luxury hospitality as we know it.

Moonshot is constantly researching for “a diamond in the rough”, such as Amēa, to offer its partners lucrative returns and a fair investment price. As demonstrated by its first villa in Ticino, Amēa is uncompromisable when it comes to the core of its competitive strategy: expanding into the best locations with an evergreen supply of exquisite travelers. The canton of Ticino is one of the most popular places to visit and the sunniest region in Switzerland. Ticino is a loved destination by both Swiss and international tourists, but most of the rent options there are outdated since most of the properties in the area that are for rent were developed in the 50s. Amēa will be a breath of fresh air in the luxury real estate market for both the region and Switzerland.

Moreover, Amēa anticipates developing a global villas network, across ten of the world’s unique natural beauty and cultural heritage locations. The rising number of Amēa villas worldwide will not only create a unique opportunity for the investors to stay in various locations within the villas network, but also force the increase of the value of every single villa and the network as a whole.


Amēa is a brand incubated by Moonshot in collaboration with SAOTA. The property anticipates being designed and developed by SAOTA and STUDIOFORMA (Architect of Record).

Amēa’s architectural partner and designer SAOTA is one of the most prestigious ultra-luxury level architect firms in the world. The company was founded in 1985 by the outstanding architects Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, and Greg Truen, and since then developed around 216 high-end projects and won 37 international awards like the Real Estate Discussions and Awards Architecture and Design - company of the year (2021), European Property Award (2019), TIDA International Home of the Year (2019), and International Property Awards Best Residential Development - Seychelles (2015). SAOTA has up to 200 highly skilled and experienced employees, who created the company’s global footprint on six continents with extraordinary projects. SAOTA is distinguished for delivering perfect services for its notable clients like the best Swiss tennis player, royal families from all over the world, politicians, famous actors, ultra-wealthy businessmen, 5-star hotels, and global corporations.

The Architect of Record for the Amēa property in Switzerland will be the respected architectural firm STUDIOFORMA. STUDIOFORMA, founded in 2002, has evolved from an architecture start-up to an internationally leading architecture and design studio. In 19 years of practice STUDIOFORMA has been generating the designs of various luxury homes, retail brands, and many other renowned entities worldwide.

One of the most talented directors at SAOTA, Phillippe Fouché, is a chief partner and leads the Amēa project from the company side. Phillippe started his career at SAOTA back in 2012 as a Project Architect and is currently playing a role in overseeing the Design, CGI, and BIM departments.

Amēa’s operational team is led by Alejandra Abad, Director of Business Development & Investor relations, who is constantly working on creating the first-rated service for existing and potential investors.


Amēa Equity Investment will provide an exclusive steady price appreciation of 10.0% every year until the project is launched. The target opening date for Amēa is in 2025, which represents a potential value increase of 40% for the investors who join this year.

When the property becomes operational, the Amēa Equity investors will enjoy exceptional cash returns up to 4.2% and a 2.0% fixed value appreciation.

Amēa Fixed Income Investment offers a range of 3.0 - 6.0% returns (and, respectively, 2.0 - 5.0%, after the investors receive a lien on property once the transaction has been accomplished). The specific returns tier will be determined based on the investment amount.


Amēa focuses on establishing a global villas network, allowing investors to diversify their wealth across the different locations and get preferred access to all upcoming Amēa villas. With the Amēa villas network, investors can spend their Christmas holidays at Lago Maggiore, enjoy the summer in Capri or Santorini, and admire spring sunsets at Lisbon. Thanks to the variety of the villa’s locations, Amēa meets all investor’s distinct needs.

The planned and potential locations of Amēa Villas


The major risks are represented by potential future lockdowns, which can severely impact the hospitality industry and global traveling. In this case, the company may rely on internal traveling, unless it is restricted.

The investors' liquidity risk is mitigated by the secondary market platform provided by Moonshot, where the shares from existing investors are prioritised and will be sold first to investors seeking to purchase the new shares. Moonshot has over 7000+ active investors and a unique brokerage network, unmatched by any other private equity marketplace.

With investing, investors' capital is at risk. The terms and conditions are according to the official website http://www.ameavillas.com.


Amēa is a newly established Swiss brand created by financial professionals from Moonshot and architecture masters from SAOTA, which develops modern, laid-back luxury villas in the world's most fascinating locations. Amēa offers a timeshare investment model with substantial returns for equity investors and a stable, handsome return for fixed-income securities. The minimal investment amount of CHF 25'000 makes Amēa attractive for a great number of investors around the world.

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