Imagine you have built up some capital and want to invest it, but it is tough to know what approach to take in the current market. Are we in the middle of a bear market or at the start of a bull market? European stocks started the year strong, with the FTSE 100 Index recently hitting a record high on February 16 and the Swiss Stock Market Index up 11% since its September low. But with every bit of bad news, the markets take a tumble.

However, what you do know is that private markets always seem to perform better.

Private equity outperforms during good times and doesn’t suffer as much during bad times, such as during the Dot-com bubble, the Great Financial Crisis, and the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic (see the chart below). But how can you secure your piece of cake and stop watching your investments in public markets suffer? Until now, it seemed impossible.

Private equity and public index returns during tumultuous markets
Source: BlackRock

A helping hand you need has arrived

Moonshot recognized the developing gap in the market: individuals would have liked to invest in private markets but were shut out. Using wide connections in the industry and an investment platform, Moonshot has now made high-quality private equity investments available to individual investors.

Stefany Barker, Team Leader at Palantir Technologies and co-founder of, is one of those who have discovered the exceptional opportunity offered by Moonshot.

“Angel Investing: reserved for the super wealthy right? Wrong. I met a lot of seasoned angel investors in my research and the key advice I took away was “Because of the odds, you must plan for your first 10 angel investments, not only your first.” Makes sense, but if each angel investment is USD 5’000 to USD 150’000 and the cheaper end tends to be higher risk ones too. So I thought it was impossible until I discovered Moonshot. Moonshot vets pre-IPO companies, invests a big share, and splits up the investment among smaller investors. Moonshot allows investors to pay from CHF 500 per month, or from CHF 10’000 in one go. Thanks to this vehicle, you can actually plan for a target of 10 angel investments with companies that have been vetted by a team of investors. I’ve already seen a 36% increase in the value of my first investment in 2021.”

Stefany is particularly interested in Web3 companies. She followed a disciplined strategy with cryptocurrencies and was able to exit with a profit, but now she believes that the future lies with Web3.

“I’d much rather invest in a basket of Web3 companies via vehicles like Moonshot’s (not sponsored) new Web3 offering because yes, Web3 is going to cause a similar transformation to the Internet but there are going to be a lot of cadavers before we find the winners too – so I hedge my bets and bet on the rails/infrastructure over the currency.”

However, Moonshot also offers access to prominent investments such as OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), SpaceX, Synhelion, well-diversified real estate and cleantech portfolios, and others, all structured and issued in Switzerland. Hence, there is something for everyone looking to get started as an angel investor.

Final thoughts

To partake in the feast of the elite, you must have a pass from within their circle — and Moonshot is the friend who can grant you entry into the banquet. We sit at the table on an ever-growing number of high-quality private market investments. Once, they were off-limits to individual investors, but now we are making them available to our brilliant community of investors. Don’t you deserve to sit at the big table?


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