What to Expect

Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Michael Trübestein.

Prof. Dr. Trübestein is a long-standing professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the initiator and program director of the Master of Science in Real Estate (MScRE). Since 2019, he has chaired the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Switzerland. An eloquent speaker and lecturer at (inter)national events, he addresses topics such as real estate strategies, national and global real estate investments, asset management strategies, international real estate markets, and the ongoing digitalisation in the industry.

Deep dive

In addition, we will have Severin Renold,  Investor Relations Manager at Moonshot,
whose insights will further enrich our discussion. This esteemed panel will delve into the current landscape of the Swiss real estate market, exploring both its challenges and opportunities. Whether you are an investor or a professional in the real estate sector, this master class aims to equip you with valuable knowledge and perspectives.

Sit-down dinner

Following the panel discussion, attendees are invited to join us for a sit-down dinner. This will be a perfect opportunity for further conversation, networking, and deepening the discussions initiated during the panel. Enjoy a delightful evening of fine dining and engaging conversations with fellow professionals and industry leaders.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights and connect with key players in the real estate market. Mark your calendars for July 12th and join us for an evening of learning and networking.

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