Amēa Plot Visit and Lunch (at Lago Maggiore)

The location we have acquired for the Amēa Lago Maggiore project is stunning. Please come along and see it for yourself. Alejandra Abad, our Director of Investor Relations, will be happy to show you the land plot and invite you for lunch in Ronco sopra Ascona, Ticino.

We will organize a helicopter ride over the property upon request.

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At Moonshot, we believe that personal relationships are the enabler for almost anything. Our community is our most precious good. Every once in a while, we meet to exchange ideas, get inspired, and enjoy life together.

Extraordinary achievements should be rewarded with extraordinary moments. For our members, we offer simply the best and don’t compromise on it.



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Every year we host exclusive flagship events at stunning locations. Get invited to one of the fastest-growing networks of investors, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and like-minded people from all walks of life. It’s a gathering to savor and to enjoy “la Bella vita”.


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To keep our community alive we host networking events on a regular basis. While others stay in boring venues, we follow a different approach and select a stunning setting and “extracurricular activities” such as the wine & dine spa adventure at the Chedi Andermatt.


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As a moonshot circle member, you will enjoy premium membership perks from the companies and products we’ve invested in.



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On a regular basis, we invite our members to interesting keynotes from opinion-leaders, innovators, and inspiring personality at our club-house in Zurich.

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